Why Choose EliMar Realty Corp for its Services?

We are a full service office supplying the best service from the best team! Purchasing a home is the most important and complex task your client will ever make in their lives.  Here at EliMar Realty Corp we have the best in-house staff to help you do it right!  When you choose EliMar Realty you chose the best in training, tutoring, mentoring, and coaching. There is always an outstretched hand to help you with your task and an ear to listen to your problem.

Don’t make the same mistake and go with the ones that don’t give it to you in writing!



Free Training in All Contracts

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Just got your license and need training?
Not happy with your office?
Want to be a part of a team instead of a number?
You can join the wave of the future!
Ask us about our benefits!

• NO Monthly Fee’s, ever!                                                                   

• NO Franchise Fee’s, we are Independently Owned.                                        

• NO Desk Fee’s, ever!                                                                      

• NON Compete In-House Completely Accessible Broker.                                        

• Computer Access, Marketing in Cordaco Homes for your listing, E-Mail Blast!

• Mentoring / Coaching 24/7.                                                           

• Farming Techniques to obtain listings.                                           

• Competitive Splits ~ Two Tier Plan, your evolution is guaranteed.                                

• HUD Offer Training/BIDING / www.hudhomestore.com                                    

• REO/ HomePath Placing Offer Training                                        

• Coral Gables Boutique Office.