Our Team of Experts

A dream born around 2010, an Office Manager & a Realtor working in the Real Estate industry. We both knew we wanted to make a difference! We wanted to Coach, Inspire and Mold a team of leaders and experts with a sense of pride and knowledge that can only come from colleagues that work together as a TEAM. Ther is no I in Team!

Inspired by the surrounding economy and changes we wanted to create a wave of change. Taking all the information we had at our disposal to fulfil that dream we ploughed ahead and opened what can only be a success in our industry. Keep it simple and keep it grounded on the rules and regulations of the trade. Our industry needs professionals with integrity, honor and a sense of pride in their work!

If you would like to be a part of these exceptional team of experts just contact our office and we will be glad to fill you in on all the benefits we have to offer!


Maria Molina
Qualifying Broker/Owner



Elina Lopez, P.A.
Realtor – Associate/Owner
Short Sale, REO, and VA Loan Specialist